£5 billion committed to Thameslink

On the 28th June, we wrote this article suggesting July would see the government agree funding for Thameslink. Four weeks later, the Sunday Times said something similar. Today, the Government confirmed to Parliament that it would commit £5 billion to fund the project, with work due to commence as soon as possible.

Thameslink will bring huge improvements to rail travel through the South East and transform London Bridge station.

We'll provide a more complete analysis soon.


Anonymous said...

Will it sort out the bottle neck between London Bridge and Charing Cross?

Anonymous said...

I must find out more about this. When I mentioned it to my other half as a Good Thing, he replied that it would have meant the end of Borough Market under the original plans - which is not such a Good Thing.

Headhunter said...

Last I heard the Thameslink 2000 (which sounds so dated now as Thameslink and the year 2000 have both apparently ceased to exist!) would mean destruction of a large section of Borough Market

Brockley Nick said...

This has been discussed a little in the previous article, but a lot of the fears about Borough Market date back to the original scheme, which has been changed to reflect some of the concerns raised by campaigners. The market itself (ie: the traders) will be fine - the stalls have massively outgrown the market anyway. Some of the buildings will be knocked down to create a bridge but the nicest stuff will be preserved, including Bridget Jones' house, etc.

Anonymous said...

The 1st Anonymous

Ah right Thameslink 2000. For years Borough Market was left to rot and when this scheme was being promoted things began to happen under the railway.

Being cynical I wondered if the changes were 'investors' looking to make a fast buck from the re-jigging of the railway lines.

Sorry the but sorting out of the tracks between London Bridge and Charing Cross is much more importance and should have been done years ago.

Brockley Nick said...

ist anonymous, do you know whether the bottleneck is to do with the tracks or capacity at London Bridge station?

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