Jam Circus - a reappraisal

Jam Circus has discovered flavours other than salty, since our last visit.

We went there this weekend and had the tuna steak and haloumi skewers. Both were delicious and neither was drenched in brine - despite the risk inherent in both choices. The waitress was really friendly too and the comfy chairs by the sliding doors are a lovely place to while away a couple of hours on a sunny day.


Brockley Jon said...

Jam Circus is exactly the kind of bar we could do with a bit further up Brockley Road! - the Royal Albert is great (although I haven't tried the food yet) but that's too far in the other direction! I have high hopes for the Wickham :)

Jam Circus said...

Hi, Jam Circus here! I'm Richard, the deputy manager and hopefully I'll be popping up on here every now and again with Jam Circus updates and to see what you think.

Brockley Nick, thank you very much for your positive comments and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the food.

Jon, the Royal Albert is actually managed by the same guy as Jam Circus (Amadeo) and you'll notice some similiarities (although not too many, I hope) to the Jam Circus approach there. The food there is fantastic, the head chef is very creative, without straying too far from recognisable comfort food) and is starting to bring in the New Cross crowds.

Anyway, I'd just like to announce that as of Friday (5th Oct) morning we will once again be opening Jam Circus at 10am to serve a brunch menu. You'll find full breakfasts, scrambled eggs (with bacon or smoked salmon if you like), toast and jam, plus your usual hot drinks (try the Musetti hot chocolate!) and delicious cakes from our friends at Buttercupcakes.

Apologies if this seems like shameless self-promotion, but we have been under new management for a little under a year now and would like to belatedly announce ourselves. We also currently have live jazz every other Sunday - Will South and his son Ashley are on keyboard and bass respectively and never fail to raise spirits (if anybody has the lungs they accept a couple of open mic requests too).

Please get in touch if you have any comments or questions.

020 8692 3320

Brockley Nick said...

Hi Richard

Welcome to the site - it's always good when local businesses get involved.

Anonymous said...

I had my first experience here last weekend (am new-ish to the area) and was really impressed. It's the best place I've been to locally so far. We both had panini and chips with coffees which were tasty and reasonably priced, with good service to match. Liked the atmosphere the most (and the toilets- so nice to use clean ones!) the lttle room at the back is like sitting in your own front room- brilliant! The only wee negative would be that my coffee was too cold.. I like it scorching!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I'm very pleased to hear you enjoyed Jam Circus, it's always nice when somebody takes the time to comment on us.

Just in case anybody else reading comes to Jam Circus expecting a panini, we don't actually sell them! Perhaps you had club sandwiches?

We use very good quality Italian beans (our Italian barman will walk the length of Brockley to pop in for an espresso!). Feel free to specify that you like your coffee piping hot - that's no problem with americanos, although it's quite difficult to make cappuccinos, lattes, etc correctly with overly hot milk.

Sorry to natter on!

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