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The novelty of social networks tends to wear off pretty quickly - after an initial flurry of adding people you barely know or like, you are left with a sense of "what now?" and a nagging feeling that you owe your 'friends' something as a result of pestering them to add you to their social circle.

However, the momentum is with Facebook and we have noticed that it is generating a lot of traffic to this site, so we joined, to see where it was all coming from. It turns out, Brockley is surprisingly well represented on there, with groups including "I heart Brockley" and "Brockley Popular Front" boasting surprisingly large and attractive memberships.

If you're on there already - join up!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a complaint to make. Although nothing to do with this posting, I just wanted to comment on the new development proposed on Mantle Road.

Despite most people (including the comments posted on the site) believing the development to be unfit for the regeneration around Brockley Station, the Brockley Cross [In]-Action Group didnt even bother to respond to the councils letter to them!!! So much for being an action group! If you want anything done, dont count on them!!

Brockley Jon said...

Erm... perhaps they were too busy giving us a new public green space by the train station?

Anyway, how might you know if they responded or not? There is only one way - we have in our midst a member of the Lewisham planning department! Come out from behind that anonymous disguise!

Anonymous said...

Lewisham planning website (I regularly visit it - sad as it may seem) - minutes from the council planning meetings are published :o)

All this type of information is public knowledge now, so we can all get involved! Yay!

bob said...

I'm afraid of Facebook. I have so many other dodgy pursuits that use up vast amounts of my time (usually at work), I'm scared of what promises to be a new addiction!

Brockley Nick said...


While I'd echo Jon's comments about the BCAG, please feel free to email with your concerns about the Mantle Road development or post them on the site (I've written about the scheme already) and I'll be happy to give them a platform.

Not sure what your issues with the scheme are, nor on what basis you say most people are unhappy with them?

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