Plans for the Wickham Arms revealed

The new management of the Wickham Arms has announced its plans to modernise the pub on Upper Brockley Road. In a message to customers published a few days ago, they described a range of improvements that should significantly improve the pub, which has always had massive potential.

The plans seem to strike the right balance between tradition and modernity that the majority of contributors to this site were asking for and the note even thanks John Morgan for his feedback on behalf of local customers. John has been actively lobbying for change for some time and the comments from readers of this site formed an important part of his case. It is encouraging to see such a positive response from the management and it looks as though we could finally get a pub of real charm in the conservation area.

While we wait for news about when the refurbishment of The Talbot might happen, it's exciting to learn that the Wickham Arms hopes to be complete by Christmas:

Dear Customers

We would like to update you on our future plans for The Wickham Arms.

Our previous manager Tom has recently retired and our son Paul has decided to take over the running of the pub.

We have not personally had any input over the past three years and the pub is now in need of some serious refurbishment works.

We have already had discussions with John, a regular customer from The Brockley Society and other customers who all gave us valuable feed back on things that they would like to see improved or changed.

We have also held meetings with a design team and formulated a plan of action. However, all these proposed works would have to be passed by the Planning and Conservation committee’s of Lewisham Council and will take some time. If they are passed we would like to carry out the following:

• Replace all windows with double glazed clear units thus letting in more natural light and enabling people to see inside
• Create new entrance leading out onto the front patio with an inner lobby
• Brick up existing entrance and create window, thus helping to improve noise levels to No 71
• Brick up existing side entrance door (over delivery trap)
• Open up original side (arched) door
• Remove existing bar and re-site new bar along back wall between ladies toilets thus freeing up a larger trading area
• Refurbish ladies toilets allowing for No2 cubicles
• Ventilate gent’s toilets
• Take up existing carpets and replace with natural wood flooring to complete internal area
• Complete replacement of all internal furniture and furnishings
• Non smoking comes into effect on July 1st and we will also need to keep windows and doors closed by 11pm therefore we will be installing air conditioning units. Provisional installation date is 2/6/07
• Front patio and fence to be replaced
• New Wickham Arms sign to front of pub
• Complete redecoration to interior and exterior of the pub
• Install a catering kitchen
• Numerous other works to be carried out in conjunction with the main works

As you can see from our commitment of approximately £180,000.00 it is our intention to bring the pub into the 21st century and more in tune with the local area, while at the same time preserving the traditional feel and ambience of the old Wickham Arms and creating a warm and welcoming environment for all. We have already had a good spring clean, freshened up the upholstery and repainted the toilets and pool room. This is an interim measure until the works are completed and hopefully will show our commitment to improving the pub in all areas.

Our works programme is due to commence late September and be completed in time for Christmas. Drawings will hopefully be available by the 30th May and we will pin these up so customers can mull them over at their leisure.

If anyone has any constructive comments then please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Paul at the Wickham. We will be creating a website in the near future to keep everyone updated.

Kind regardsTed & Paul O’Hara

P.S Smiling barmaids are top of our agenda!

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Anonymous said...

That's brilliant news...

BrockleyBiker said...
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BrockleyBiker said...

That sounds really positive.

Anonymous said...

All we need now is for Brockley to get a deli and for the cafes to sell decent coffee and we will be there

Andrew Brown said...

On The Talbot, I had a word with the landlord at The Honor Oak the other day. He said he'd been thinking about adding an additional pub and that The Talbot was one that he'd looked at.

In his view the lack of public transport links made it less likely to be somewhere people will come to so he didn't think he'd be pursuing it.

He also told me how he'd worked it with Punch when he'd done up The Honor Oak. For example he said that Punch had wanted to re-carpet the place and he'd wanted floorboards. Punch were happy enough to go with what he wanted and let him re-invest the savings in the pub.

Anyway he said that he'd have a word with the area manager for Punch on our behalf, so the idea that there's lots of interest in The Talbot should be getting through.

Anonymous said...

Now I've lived all over London. I moved from Acton to brockley and love the area. Never been a fan of Blackheath, a bit 'up itself' to coin a phrase, and Greenwich is a bit of a tourist trap. Brockley is honest but god does it need a decent pub! I'm no snob but it would be nice to wonder round the corner (I live in Malpas Road) with some mates and have a decent Sunday lunch. The only other pub really close is the Brockley Barge (or the last chance saloon) where you can happily get hammered on a tenner and still have enough change for a rubber burger. God I hate wheatherspoons.

Ploomie said...

I'm really excited by this!

Great news...will they start doing great sunday lunches too? Or steak and kidney pie that DOESNT come in those annoying little clay pots with a bit of exploding pastry/air on the top. The sort that gets cut out of a large tray and the puff pastry soaks up the gravy...mmmmmmmmm

Joe said...

Change is now afoot at the Wickham - the air conditioning has gone in (just in time for autumn!) and now the front garden is being treated to wooden decking and new plants and parasols.

Bea said...

Wandered past the Wickham Arms last Sunday and have to say it's starting to look relly good from the outside. Next summer I may even stop by for a drink outside with some pals - not sure how the inside is though ... ?

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the Wickham Arms isn't likely to be turned into flats in the near future and that it's actualy being improved! I thought that their original improvement plans included making the front windows clear instead of frosted like a toilet. No sign of that and they have painted the window frames as far as I can see, so it's unlikely to happen. The front "garden" looks good although I hope the decking is properly treated and doesn't end up rotting once the weather sets in...

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