Tennis in Brockley (updated)

While a little short of other sports facilities, Brockley is great for tennis.

Hilly Fields and Telegraph Hill both offer well-maintained courts with stunning views of London beneath them.

This might prove to be a self-defeating claim, but, no matter what time of the year you go for a game, there always seems to be one court free. The other courts, meanwhile, are occupied by a satisfyingly eclectic range of players.

One word of advice though - on windy days, avoid Telegraph Hill - it's pretty exposed and firing tennis balls against the wind can soon start to feel like a chore.

- If you are looking for a tennis partner in the area, please post below or email us and we will attempt to play match-maker. We'll need your contact details, the standard you play to (beginner, average, good) and what you're looking for (eg: singles or doubles opponents).


Anonymous said...


we moved to brockley recently and enjoy living here. Just read your post about the tennis facilities.....are there any tennis clubs or ways to meet other players for those of us who dont have a current tennis partner?


Brockley Nick said...

Not aware of any, unfortunately, however, we've edited the article to ask people to add their names below if they're interested in tennis - so perhaps we can create a tennis circle. If you email us with your details, we will add you.

Anonymous said...


I am an average/intermediate player and dont mind either singles or doubles. Details are:

Name: Johan
tel: 07962558752


Anonymous said...

In my opinion the best local club is in Sydenham (SLTCC)off Lawrie Park Road. There are 7 fully floodlit courts and membership is very reasonable. They have adult club play nights on wed and thurs depending on your standard of play. Wed is for beginner/improvers and thurs for the better players. You can contact them thru the website I think

Anonymous said...

Hi Brockley Nick

I am interested in playing singles or doubles in your tennis circle and am intermediate/good.


Ali Bailey

SAJ said...

NIck - I am interested both in the tennis circle and finding a regular partner. How we doing with this?

Mel said...


What happened to this? I've just moved here in the last few weeks and would like to play tennis. I'm a bit rusty at the moment but used to be intermediate. I prefer doubles but wouldn't mind even just a hit to get back into it...

Thanks v. much!


Brockley Nick said...

Hi Mel

We got the details of 8 people with an interest in tennis and I circulated them to everyone involved, with a view to them organising games on an ad-hoc basis. I know I managed one game, I'm not sure about anyone else. I suspect relatively few matches were fixed up. Perhaps we should revive it in the spring? Feel free to email me your details.

Welcome to the area.

Anonymous said...

There's tennis lessons available now for kids and adults at both Telegraph Hill and Hilly Fields on Saturdays.

jt said...

Fine, thanks for the info just as long as the coaches don't hog all the courts, that were previously freely accessible.

Anonymous said...

I did a few lessons years ago and am looking for a tennis partner from beginner to intermediate to play in Hilly Fields.
Do they still do Saturday lessons?

michael barrett said...

I live in Jerningham Road and am looking for singles partners to play in the courts at the Telegraph Hill ideally, but would be biddable on playing in Hilly Fields too. Am good, but a bit rusty. Email me at

Helen said...

Hi, I have just moved to Brockley and would like to play tennis with people of similar standard (doubles or singles). I am intermediate standard. My email is

Anonymous said...


I would be interested in finding tennis partners (singles or doubles) to play at Hilly Fields, either in the evening after work or at weekends. I haven't played in years but used to be fairly good. Email me on

Visshal said...


i'm looking to find others willing to play on a regular basis at either Hilly Fields or Telegraph Hill. I'm at intermediate level.
My Email is:


Anonymous said...


I am looking for tennis lessons in Hilly fields. I am a complete novice!

Can anyone help me?

Tamsin said...

Not sure if it is still going on but the LBL parks website refers to Tennis coaching in the Telegraph Hill Upper Park on Saturday afternoons.

Anonymous said...

I'm also looking to play tennis (single or doubles) at an intermediate sort of level. If you're interested, e-mail at: .


BoB said...

anyone want to meet for playing table tennis or tennis around Brockley area? drop me a line on 07890 759505

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