Blast from the past

As a child of Greenwich, Brockley Central has found that many of the people it grew up with have gravitated towards Charlton, Hither Green and Deptford and in one case, an Australian nut farm, in search of affordable first homes. Relatively few, in spite of (or perhaps because of) our best efforts, have been convinced by SE4's appeal, thus far.

So it was nice to get an email from an old friend, Joe, who now lives in Brockley and, in the 15 years since we last spoke, has metamorphosed from skateboarder to local historian.

He's trying to track down old pictures of the area and sent a few links of the kinds of images he's looking for [here, here and here] in the hope that other readers might be able to point him towards some more.

If you know of any other useful websites or have any images of your own you'd like to share, please let us know. Even images from Brockley's recent history, like the late, lamented 'Elephant House' would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nick - I was hoping you wouldn't mention the skateboarding!
I've also found some interesting photos and early maps of Brockley, Deptford etc. on the Lewisham Heritage site:

Brockley Nick said...

Very happy to go on record saying that your skating put mine to shame.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that the station they call Lewisham Road in your link was actually called Loampit Vale. Would be great if they actually reopened Brockley Lane and Loampit Vale to gibve us direct trains to Victoria (via Nunhead). There must be enough demand for that nowadays...

Brockley Jon said...

It looks like Lewisham Heritage may have them already, but it might be worth a trip into the Wickham Arms as they have loads of old photographs of the area adorning the walls. I hope they keep them after the renovation.

And... do we know for sure that this map is from 1910? The Victorian terrace that my flat is part of, at the top half of Upper Brockley Road, was supposed to be built in approx. 1890 according to the deeds and things (which may well be horribly wrong), but on that map the stretch is completely undeveloped!

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