Underdog scoops Brockley coffee award

Someone who likes coffee far more than us has gone to a lot of trouble to score and review the area's many cafes on the basis of the lattes they serve.

As Brockley Central is half-kiwi it can say with some authority that New Zealanders attach a ludicrous amount of importance to coffee. They also tend to believe that NZ coffee is the best in the world (sorry Italy). But Toothfish has made a vital contribution to the sum of Brockley knowledge and for that, we should all be thankful.

We feel a little bit guilty about the result as the winner has been sorely overlooked by this blog - but you're all just as bad - not one positive remark about it in any of your comments! Matchbox suffers an image problem, no doubt because it a) hides under the stairs on Platform 2 like a trapdoor spider b) offers you nowhere to sit and c) is on the station itself and is therefore disregarded by some as being a corporate sell out to The Man. None of these is its fault, but life's tough sometimes. It appears as if we should all give it a fair shot from now on.

Congratulations Toothfish, Brockley is in your debt.