New look Brockley Central on its way

During its summer hiatus last week, Brockley Central has not been idle - Brockley Jon has been busy working on a new look for the site.

The changes won't be drastic, but we have been looking at the ways you use the site and the information you search for most often and we will attempt to make the site work better for you - although we get a lot of people visiting from the US, searching Google for "recipes for brockley", but we don't plan on catering for that audience.

Brockley Central 2.0 should go live in about a month's time and over the coming months you might notice a few odd things happen to the site, but please bear with us.

If you have any questions or comments about the change, please post them here.

Best wishes

Nick and Jon


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your continuing efforts. One suggestion for a 'new look' may be -- and i realise this may imply a group effort! -- more photos/images? How can we help you make the blog more visually interesting? [and as far as presentational quirks in the interim, amusingly, the comment-posting interface, or 'laat een reactie achter', now seems to be in dutch!]

nburdy said...

hey guys

nice to hear you're updating it. love the poll by the by.

what are you updating it with? im a web developer so if you need any help at all give me a shout (i of course don't know your web expertise, but if you need advice/help with anything html/javascript I'd be more than happy to help)

Brockley Nick said...

You're right about the lack of images. One of the sections Jon's going to create is a gallery. But of course, it will need pictures to go in it. There are a few people who've offered to supply photos but the more the merrier.

Brockley Jon said...

b., thanks for your kind offer. I am an ex web developer myself, so we have the skills pretty much covered for now, but we'll keep you in mind for any future cool stuff.

We're keeping the site on Blogger for now, as it's a good solid platform for our posts and all the comments - plus, neither of us have the time to migrate to anything more hardcore. The layout will be pure CSS, and the design is completely different so should look a lot nicer.

One area you could help out with is a forum - any experience of these!? Of course, it would have to be free! ;)

nburdy said...

Haven't actually looked at forums before, however I'm certain there will be a few out there free.

Ill give it a google and let you know if i come across anything of interest.

I agree blogger is definitely a decent platform for this - I've always found it really professional and most of it - ALWAYS working, amazing.

Anonymous said...

This is a great site - congratulations on what you have done so far!

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