Do you want cash back?

It looks as though the Lewisham Way Tesco Metro will also bring with it a new cash machine - a new cashpoint has been installed in the frontage.

There's no confirmation yet whether the machine would be free, but we've never seen a Tesco machine that charges.

It won't do much to encourage local spending in Brockley Cross, but that stretch of Lewisham Way is also sorely in need of a few more impulse buyers and it will provide a useful facility for many in Brockley and St John's.

Thanks to John for the tip-off.


Richard Elliot said...

Looking at the cash machine as I walked past, it is opperated by Royal Bank of Scotland so will almost certainly be free. (Tesco Finance wasn't actually a bank last time I checked, so has to work in "partnership" with someone else.)

Opening date for the store is 21st September. Definitely much needed for the area.

Brockley Jon said...

Walked past on the way back from St. Johns on Friday night after a night out, I thought I might be seeing things when I spotted this little beauty.

I think the people at the bus stop thought I was a few Stellas short of a six-pack when I bowed down worshipped it.

Not often I praise Tesco, but at least they have put pay to one of my top local grumbles!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why are parts such a dump?

For a long time there's been a sea container outside one shop, it can't be good for restaurant next door.

Is that a blcock of flats being built where the all night barbers used to be?

Monkeyboy said...

I have a confession. I popped into that symbol of corporate greed and restrictive business practices - Tesco's. I bought a cinamon bun, some 'Teco Finest' fudge youghurt and took out 40 quid from the FREE cashpoint.

I feel dirty, I'll never be able to read The Guardian or wear my Birkenstocks again.

Anyone elase secretly glad it's opened? Come on Yummy Mummies, I saw some in there with those big chunky tired baby buggies.

Anonymous said...

Bea said ... (for some reason my account isn't working!)

Where is exactly this Tesco? I still haven't been able to locate it and want that “free” cash for the weekends. Can anyone help out please?

Need to pay the same helicopter pilot that Hugh is taking from Hilly Fields ;-)

Monkeyboy said...

If you turn right where Malpas Road hits Lewisham way towards Lewisham. a few hundread yards down. You'll spot it by the crowds of locals pressing their noses against the glass so they can better see the shiney things inside.

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