Gabrielle reveals the truth about Brockley...

A good man is hard to find. But not in Brockley.

In an interview with Metro yesterday, Gabrielle explained the real attraction of SE4.

After a few perfunctory questions about her new release, the journalist cuts to the chase and asks the really important question:

"What’s the best thing about coming from Brockley?"

Gabrielle responds:

"There’s a lot of talent that’s come from Brockley such as Mica Paris." But it's clear that it's talent of another kind which is the major selling point: "When I was younger, there were some fit guys in Brockley."

We've long suspected as much. Whether you're after a dashing, Daniel Cleaver-style cad like Hugh, the rogueish charms of Monkeyboy or an athletic type like TelegraphJogger, Brockley has something for you. Our train platforms are like catwalks and Hilly Fields in the summer is like Muscle Beach.

Gabrielle also takes the opportunity to deliver a none-too-subtle rebuke to Plumstead bloggers when she states:

"It was a nice, safe neighbourhood to grow up in."