Brockley's deli plans confirmed

Here's the news we've been promising for a long time - the details of the deli planned for Brockley.

As a (good) deli in Brockley would be as precious as a rare orchid, we didn't want to say anything which might jinx its arrival. However, the people behind it, Sandra and Peter, are now sufficiently advanced in their plans to be able to confirm the details.

Due to open in late October or early November, it will be at No. 5 Coulgate Street, as some had already speculated. The deli will become the Broca's new neighbour and should complement the cafe nicely. When we reported the news initially, we said we believed it would be the perfect location, because it will complete what is now a lovely part of Brockley, right next to the station, handy for people spilling off the trains after work. Admittedly, this isn't much use for commuters at St John's or Crofton Park, but on the basis it has to be somewhere, then being at the midway point between the two seems the best solution.

Called Dandelion Blue, it already has its own website it doesn't give a lot away at this stage. The promise that it will be "dedicated to offering high quality food and drink" suggests that it won't be another Doorstep Bakery though.

Sandra and Peter, the people behind Dandelion Blue, have said that they'd welcome any feedback from people on this site about what you'd like to see from the shop, so put in your orders for sun dried tomatoes and rocket below.

Although it may seem like an age since the news got out, they've actually done pretty well to get this far this quickly. The Broca apparently took 18 months to get through the doors on Coulgate Street. From Dandelion Blue's point of view, it's just as well, since there are rumours of another upmarket fooderie on the way to Brockley before too long.

We hope to have an interview with Sandra and Peter in a few weeks.