From Maypole to Glasshouse

The Maypole pub or 'Number 1 Mantle Road' (on Brockley Station's west side) is to be replaced by another new development - the Glasshouse (above)

The loss of any pub is always sad but from what we understand about the Maypole before its closure, it was a charmless, divisive hole. However, we're confident that someone will leap to its defence and declare it was simply misunderstood and full of "real" people.

The development that will replace it will join a string of similar developments from the Tea Factory to Bridge House and offers much the same sort of thing to buyers, ie:

"Petite development of eleven, one and 2 bedroom apartments, east of the of the Brockley conservation area. The boutique ‘Glasshouse’ development will marry cutting edge 21st century design with the Italianate stucco and Gothic terracotta detailing."

For our sake and their's we can only hope they do a better job than the battleship grey apartment block that stands opposite...

The developers are MyCityPad and, as the name suggests, their developments are targeted at investors and workers in the Square Mile who value a: "unique and harmonic blend of urban style, eclectic influences and practicality."

Buyers just looking for a place to sleep with easy access to the city via the East London Line may not be volunteering to run many stalls at the Brockley Summer Fayre, but their spending power will help to find tennants for the many new retail units that are being created around the station and their presence will help to bring new life to a somewhat deserted quarter of Brockley, shifting the centre of gravity in the area a little to the West, which is no bad thing.