Le Querce, Brockley Rise, SE23

Frustrated by the fact that Lewisham's representation in the latest Time Out restaurant guide amounts to little more than the address of Nando's, reader Zoe has attempted to set the record straight by recommending a restaurant we'd not heard about before: Le Querce.

It may not be SE4, but it's only a few minutes up the road from the Brockley Jack and sounds very promising. Zoe says:

"I just wanted to let you know that you may want to add a new restaurant to any future posts about places to eat in the area. Le Querce is a family run Italian restaurant with really high quality food. They make their own gelato and serve wonderful, fresh pasta, meat and seafood. I had a fantastic fresh lobster and tagliatelle when I was last there.

"I only heard about it because I was waiting for a take away in Longtime Cafe and some women started chatting with me. They said they'd had amazing lobster (!) at an Italian just off the roundabout near St Hilda's church. I love this area to bits and try to do what I can to support local places, but even I was surprised to hear that you could get a great lobster dinner in SE4 [BC says - unfortunately, until we claim that stretch of Brockley Rise for our own, we still can't boast that accolade].

"I honestly think it's the best restaurant in our area and it's not just local pride clouding my judgment. They really care about what they serve and the prices are very fair. A comparable meal in central London could easily cost double. I want to help get the word out because I hope they are able to stay in business for a long time, like Babur Brasserie, its neighbour. I get really fed up when people take the area for a wasteland or ignore it altogether."

For more information, click here.

In our experience, the best Italian restaurants are always the worst-looking. We were recently dragged to a place in Uxbridge that looked like a 70s airport lounge but served incredible food, so Le Querce's "unassuming" decor is a plus as far as we're concerned.

Thanks to Zoe for letting us know about it. The poor quality of information about this area was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this blog, so please email us with any other recommendations.