Brockley Assembly funds more trees and steps

Brockley Road before and after the trees

We didn't make it along to yesterday's Brockley Assembly, but Brockley Cross Action Group and Transition Brockley are reporting that they secured the money they were looking for to fund the projects they proposed - steps to replace the muddy slick on Brockley Common and trees for the newly-widened stretch of Brockley Road, respectively.

The steps were in the original plan for the Common's redevelopment, but had to be abandoned due to a funding shortage. The inevitable happened and people have been trudging up and down the steep slope, however slippery the rain has made it and however minimal the amount of time it saves for people trying to get to the ticket office.

As for the trees, there will be six of them and it's a project which will further ameliorate this stretch of our high street - a process that began with the removal of the bent railings and continued with the widening of the pavement, creation of parking bays and remodelling of access to Coulgate Street.