Brockley in five bullet points

Actor: We know you don't have any more money left, but that doesn't matter. Just take
whatever you need from our boutiques until you can get back on your feet.
Bankrupt producer: Thank God we're back in Hollywood, where people treat each other right.
- The Simpsons

Lewisham Council has revamped its website and among the changes is a greater emphasis on showcasing the borough's many charms, which is sensible, since there are relatively few other ways for people to discover the area online.

We were asked to contribute five bullet points about what makes Brockley special. Here's our effort - we tried to think laterally, to come up with a list with something in it to enrage just about every type of BC anonymous. The result is a melange of kids, cafes, community and the East London Line. We hope you approve:

  1. Hilly Fields - amazing views and a playground sandpit like an urban beach
  2. The Rivoli Ballroom - a velvety venue that's hosted everyone from Tina Turner to the Kings of Leon.
  3. The independent businesses - unique places like Mr Lawrence, Degustation, The Orchard and Sounds Around.
  4. The East London Line - tube-like service, with added air-conditioning.
  5. The community spirit - free, fun events every week of the year, organised by people who love their home. The only place in London that has a dodgeball team, a Scrabble club and an Indian Orthodox Church.