Brockley in five bullet points

Actor: We know you don't have any more money left, but that doesn't matter. Just take
whatever you need from our boutiques until you can get back on your feet.
Bankrupt producer: Thank God we're back in Hollywood, where people treat each other right.
- The Simpsons

Lewisham Council has revamped its website and among the changes is a greater emphasis on showcasing the borough's many charms, which is sensible, since there are relatively few other ways for people to discover the area online.

We were asked to contribute five bullet points about what makes Brockley special. Here's our effort - we tried to think laterally, to come up with a list with something in it to enrage just about every type of BC anonymous. The result is a melange of kids, cafes, community and the East London Line. We hope you approve:

  1. Hilly Fields - amazing views and a playground sandpit like an urban beach
  2. The Rivoli Ballroom - a velvety venue that's hosted everyone from Tina Turner to the Kings of Leon.
  3. The independent businesses - unique places like Mr Lawrence, Degustation, The Orchard and Sounds Around.
  4. The East London Line - tube-like service, with added air-conditioning.
  5. The community spirit - free, fun events every week of the year, organised by people who love their home. The only place in London that has a dodgeball team, a Scrabble club and an Indian Orthodox Church.


Carys said...

I think that's a jolly good effort! The one I'd probably add is that Brockley gives you plenty of 'bang for your buck' - it's relatively inexpensive and still extremely lovely.

Anonymous said...

There's a Scrabble club?? Where?!!

Crofty said...

Nice! I'd also add, friendliest supermarket I've ever come across (Budgens), wonderful wild birdlife because of deliciously overgrown old cemeteries, and the aceness of Brockley Central blog.

Anonymous said...

Mung delis do not count as amenity.

Anonymous said...

The best part of Brockley is it's bohemian feel and history of artists and free spirits living here.
Don't get that in East Dulwich.

Whealie said...

And the five worst?

Here's a suggestion:

Poncey Broc Soc people looking down their noses at you at the Hilly Fields Fair for not having an SE4 postcode saying they don't want your money, no you can't have a magazine or join (even though we live nearer to Hilly Fields than they do).

Somebody will be along in a mo to mention the hire vans parked in the road.......

Mb said...

Thanks for the input whealie, now what about the things you like or would you rather live elsewhere?


Hilly fields
Diversity, in every sense of the word
Well connected (it is you know)
Brockley max (bring back the mini hilly fields festival please)

Anonymous said...

The grand Victorian Houses with huge gardens and mature trees make the area.

Howson Road said...

Is Whealie jealous of not having an SE4 postcode?

Whealie said...

Hilly Fields is great and much improved in recent years. Dog owners not clearing up after their animals remains a major problem, however.

What the council/environment agency have done to Ladywell Fields too is great.

Having a first class general hospital within walking distance that does everything from maternity services onwards (the original Welfare state cradle to the grave ethos) is great too, but much of Lewisham can claim that.

I'd add the Babur to the list of restaurants.

Anonymous said...


1) Hilly Fields
2) Closeness to real London
3) Plethora of supermarkets nearby
4) The shopping arcade in Lewisham and Matalan nearby
5) Fishy business


1) Shops that sold decent grub being squeezed out by artisan con artists
2) People with surreal jobs - "Equalities officer for a digital media company" - no one doing a real job any more
3) Brocsoc
4) Lack of decent broadband speed
5) The building of a ramp at Brockley station which involved demolishing an existing ramp, which then takes you to a flight of stairs.

Mb said...

1) Shops that sold decent grub being squeezed out by artisan con artists.


Empty shops now selling stuff people want that they can't get in other shops. A diverse high street. Please point out which shop "selling decent grub" has been pushed out? Still plenty of supermarkets and convenience stores last time I looked. Can someone explain what honest grub actually is? Once defined, we can all understand why there is a problem. Shops live or die depending on demand.

2) People with surreal jobs - "Equalities officer for a digital media company" - no one doing a real job any more

Wrong. Some people doing jobs you don't understand, some people doing traditional jobs, some doing new jobs. Either way they pay local and income tax that helps support our area. In any case, not clear why you think employment categories have anything to do with brockley.

3) Brocsoc

Wrong, it's an organisation that does good things and some not so good. An organisation that offends no one is probably pointless

4) Lack of decent broadband speed

Depends, I get 14mb in malpas road through BT. Again, that's just a general whinge and nothing specifically to do with brockley.

5) The building of a ramp at Brockley station which involved demolishing an existing ramp, which then takes you to a flight of stairs.

Wrong. The old ramp was not suitable for the mobility impaired (1:20 is the guidance used in LU) the steps that were there were steep and narrow. It will make the station easier to be made fully accessible in the future. Assuming Conways work doesn't collapse in that time.

The new entrance is better and the common is great, unless you thing the thicket of ivy and chain link fence was better? I don't, you do.

Anonymous said...

Unless there has been some dramatic change recently, Lewisham hospital does not have a reputation as a first class London hospital.

It has been found wanting in several areas.

Anonymous said...

Hilly FIelds is in Ladywell

Anonymous said...

The lack of decent broadband speeds in the area affects people who are furthest away from Deptford exchange that serves Brockley.

It is possibly the lesser of two evils.

Alex said...

The person who thinks the old ramp at Brockley Station was better than the new one most probably isn't the user of a wheelchair or a buggy laden with kids and shopping!

Granted, the new one is a bit long-winded but thats DDA rules for you. Not much you can do other than make the area around it an enjoyable and visually stimulating place to be, which it is thanks to the hard work of volunteers giving up their time and effort for the benefit of the community (clearly not you!).

Alex said...

Just to add to the bit about Brockley Station...funding was secured this morning to enable the next stage of the Brockley Common project to continue, namely some steps to be built at the northern end of the site where the slippery slope of earth currently is (again, instigated by people who care and are actively doing things to improve this area rather than just sitting behind anonymous names and whinging on this blog!)

Aricana said...

Great news about the steps!

Syd Bishop said...

Maybe we should complain to Lewisham Council on there choice of contractors to do these improvements.

Monkeyboy said...

God yes, don't let Conways near it. I'm staggered at the shoddy workmanship of what's there.

By the way Building Regs are not universally stupid, a ramp for wheelchairs etc needs to be an appropriate grade.

Headhunter said...

1) Shops that sold decent grub being squeezed out by artisan con artists

Seriously, which shops which "sold decent grub" have been squeezed out by "artisan con artists"?

There are still empty premises in Brockley, plenty for these shops selling "decent grub" to be located in... By the what is "decent grub"?

Anonymous said...

Brockley cross action group
Transition Brockley
Brockley central
are 3 Brilliant things about Brockley-making real changes and improving the experience of living here

Anonymous said...

Decent grub is no-nonsense, proper food that hard working families eat.

Monkeyboy said...

Another Brockley Central drink would be a 6th. Come on, summer won't be here for ever! (will have to dodge the hail of bullets from Uzi toting yauzza gangsters obviously)

Brockley Nick said...

I know, I know, I'm sorry. Pretty busy at this particular moment...

Yes I go to church said...

Lovely that you mention the Indian Orthodox Church in Brockley and their website is excellent. However, they are relatively new to the area and we have many other churches in Brockley, both beautiful and very active.

Brockley Nick said...

Point taken, but the Indian Orthodox one is one of only two in London, I was trying to highlight some of the rarities to be found in the area. Likewise there are lots of good sports clubs, but the dodgeball group is pretty unusual.

Anonymous said...

No to new, artisan churches taking over from good honest traditional churches!

Yes I go to church said...

Brockley Nick said...
Point taken, but the Indian Orthodox one is one of only two in London, I was trying to highlight some of the rarities to be found in the area. Likewise there are lots of good sports clubs, but the dodgeball group is pretty unusual.

Thankyou, saw a large group from the Indian Orthodox community heading towards the park today in what looked like an organised event, lots of children, ladies and some men. Faith communities bring so much and include so many that it's important to include them.

Also saw a large group of cyclists at Crofton Park last week, who have probably got together because of the blog and forums, so all positive stuff.

Interestingly to combine both have heard of 'ride and stride' where you cycle, walk or ride around the local churches -
for example this link is for hampshire but there are closer ones.

Brockley in 5 points is interesting - how about 5 points for the elderly, for the family, singles, couples, teenagers, under 5's, visitors etc etc

Brockley Dogging Society - Historical and Archive Secretary said...

Brockley has dogged continuously for over a hundred years. In one celebrated occasion Bill Shrub of Tressillian road managed to hang on to "Big Gill" after a german 500lb landed not 300yds away. That particular grip can still be seen in dogging handbooks to this day - The famous "Blitz Clench"

Anonymous said...

Please delete all the totally unnecessary comments by the "Brockley Dogging Society". They are only written because somebody thinks being childish is funny (they probably laugh when somebody says "pooh").

It does nothing for the quality of this otherwise excellent blog and contributes nothing to the debate.

Anonymous said...

"It does nothing for the quality of this otherwise excellent blog and contributes nothing to the debate."

The BDS's policy is clear; we have a clearly defined public remit to encourage and foster mass-debating all over Brockley.

Brockley Dogging Society - constitutional council and government advisory team said...

Margaret thatcher tried to silence us, look what happened. A massive increase in uncoordinated liaisons in any bush, telephone box or indeed box left lying around. Voluntary, third sector organisations like ours, with a written consitution and regulating body means that we can foster and improve dogging and it's variants. Were on par with the French these days, although we have some way before we catch up with the Belgians.

As our motto says "sex in virgultis sets liberabit vos"

Simon said...

I love the Brockley Dogging Society's
informative and amusing posts.
I prefer reading them to the snide, cowardly and deliberately inflammatory drivel posted by the many Anons on here.
The BDS offers some light hearted relief (feel free to make of that what you will BDS)to many a thread and I think Brockley Central is all the better for it.
There are many self-righteous Poster's on here who deserve to be lampooned-especially the many Anons. Perhaps they are too afraid to give themselves a name because they are too insecure to take responsibility for the rubbish they spout?
At least the likes of Hugh and Lou Baker put use a their name's (not sure if they are their actuals though) and are secure enough to take the flak that comes their way.
Long live the BDS!!

Ramble said...

What Simon said!

Bored and tired said...

What Simon said, but without the surplus apostrophes ;-)

Reg said...


1) Hilly Fields/Telegraph Hill
2) Proximity to central London
3) The Orchard, the Royal Albert, Degustation, Browns, TM2, Fish Business
4) The transport links
5)The people


1)Council plan in dumping every ex-offender and person with drug and drink related problems in the large houses. All hush hush. And according to a cop I spoke to over the weeked: "We laugh that you lot don't seem to mind." We do.
2) Too many lefties and the Greens making daft decisions. (See 1 above.)
3) Brocsoc
4) OCI and BT Open Reach drivers using the streets as ratruns.
5)Brockley Central whiners.

disagree said...

BDS comments seem to me to be an attempt to sabotage any thread, have a BDS post and let the 'discussion' go on there, usually just ignore them, author is obv clever with the continuous play on word and double meanings, but they don't add any value to this blog for me and certainly didn't add any value to this particular post.

Tamsin said...

The BDS at least sign themselves in with a consistent name - so if their posts offend you can simply ignore them, but if you are in the mood for that particular style of "carry on", vulgar seaside postcard humour and want to raise a smile - then read it and be mildy amused. It is very well done.

cause for concern said...


1)Council plan in dumping every ex-offender and person with drug and drink related problems in the large houses. All hush hush. And according to a cop I spoke to over the weeked: "We laugh that you lot don't seem to mind." We do.

This area Brockley and Lewisham are being targeted to house the vulnerable -
but the support offered in the existing properties was cut years ago in financial reviews and it has a detrimental effect on living in the area. Vans on the street don't bother me, but the increasing influx of
people requiring 'supported' accomodation = care in the community on a shoestring and increasing the insurance premiums due to the burglary and crime rates makes the area unsafe.

kolp said...

We need stats on crime rates before becoming concerned about 'care in the community' users living in the area.

Anonymous said...

The number of places to get a good hearty meal is disappearing, to be replaced with faddy/trendy grub sellers.

Stupid anon knob end said...


This is worrying, why aren't our so called MPs doing something?

cause for concern said...

kolp said...
We need stats on crime rates before becoming concerned about 'care in the community' users living in the area.

Anonymous said...

The BDS posts are not on topic. Indeed they have little to do with Brockley at all. The writer could live in Hampstead for all the relevance they have. They just show somebody being childish for their own amusement. It's just graffiti and, like graffiti, brings down the tone of the area. The moderators should delete the posts.

Reg said...

Cause for concern, absolutely agree. Just pulled this from a Google:

"Rokeby House provides accommodation for 19 single homeless people who have some support needs including those around mental health problems
drug/alcohol misuse
ex-offenders and asylum seekers."

So here we have drug dealing within feet of a camera and ex-offenders and drug/alcohol misusers. That asylum seekers should find themselves in an open prison defies belief! That the residents of Brockley emain unaware or unconcerned is baffling.

Reg said...

For the pedant out there I meant 'remain'.

Beockley Dogging Society - pompous fool puncturing department said...

We at the BDS have been integral to the life of Brockley and the surrounds for generations, if others are offended by consenting adults partaking in an activity that has been shown to increase core strength, improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, well frankly we despair. I suggest you join one of our open evenings, you'll realise that sex does not have to happen with the lights off and socks on [that's not to discount the "socks on" division who need to due to the athletes foot outbreak]

We will continue to post here as long as nick will have us. Frankly we have considered a boycott due to the large number of pseudo intellectuals, opinionated, cynical, misanthropic, self important, pompous, Ill thought out, reactionary, nasty, inflammatory, humourless and plain ignorant posts from some (mainly anon) posters. It would shame the comment section on Sky News and we are anxious not to contaminate our brand by being associated with them.

We suggest that the accusation of "purile" or "childish" behaviour says more about your relationship with your mother than our relationship with Brockley.

Keep fighting the good fight Nick, don't let the "rise of the idiots" get you down. You have created something rather wonderful, I suppose the anons posting here at least keeps them from procreating.

Anonymous said...

@BDS. Rather hoping that Nick won't have you much longer. Your comments are spoiling what you describe as "wonderful". They are as just as anon as all the others, and more distasteful.

You have said you have considered a boycott but rejected it. Please reconsider.

Mondee said...

Oh, anon 16.27, get a sense if humour! Lighten up! Chillax!
And if all else fails, just skip the BDS comments. As already pointed out to you, they are clearly labelled and are therefore easy to identify and ignore. We don't have that option with your cowardly 'anon' labels as we don't know it's still you banging on (so to speak) about the BDS until we read it.

hilly dogger said...

This calls for a mass shag-in, err, out, err in, err out

Anonymous said...

I'm supporting the doggers. Detractors can get lost.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

It brings a tear to the eye to see our members standing firm.

disagree said...

other blogs are often modereated before the posts appear online, if this is too big a task - then agree that off-topic nonsense should be removed when it starts to turn the site into gobbledegook i.e BDS.
99% of posts are made up names so can't call anyone a coward or be considered brave for giving yourself a pseudynom

Brockley Nick said...

@disagree and others.

I tend to think of Brockley Central discussions like a conversation in a pub. Some comments are a bit woozy, there are pub bores, but it all adds to the character and appeal. I wouldn't strictly moderate the bloke in the pub who changed the subject and I don't do that here. It's worked so far.

I don't terribly appreciate people using threads about what makes Brockley good to tell me how to moderate this site, but you won't see me deleting those comments either.

If there are particular commenters or memes you don't like, do what I do and ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Nick - your comment was good, honest and fair. Thank you.

disagree said...

I agree with what you said above, but I can't help thinking that when the posts go off topic it stops people from contributing at all - hence the mention of sabotage. This site should be suitable for everyone of all ages who can read to access and some of the bds responses are nonsense and unsuitable according to my sensibilities- accept that you work hard with this site but if you ask people to stay on topic then surely by saying it's ok to go off-topic and because really it's a pub-talk site then you should put that in you policy above - in real life the pub bore would soon find him or herself alone or barred for being a nuisance.

Please feel free to moderate or delete this as you see fit.

Back on topic


1.Unique part of london - continuously evolving close to many areas of historic and tourist interest yet 'real' London.

2. fairly vibrant mix of families, students, young and old, lots of nationalities.

3. On the tube map and zone 2,
with good access to central london, gatwick and the coast by rail and road.

4. Some beautiful buildings and architecture with a large park nearby which has an active group improving it.

5. Very clean borough


1. Exodus of families from the area because of schools.

2. Increase in 'supported housing' for recently released offenders and addicts.

3. Begging.

4. Poor nightlife/restaurants and lack of venues.

5. Conways and the bumps and now the extended kerbs.

Mondee said...

@disagree, you are missing the point. At least if you give yourself a pseudonym that you always use for every comment you post, people can recognise you and choose not to read your posts if they find them
tedious or offensive. Not so with the legion of anons. Which, incidentally, my iPhone thinks should be 'snobs' when I type it.

Brockley Nick said...

Yes, sometimes I am unhappy if threads seem to be willfully or stupidly dragged off topic. Occasionally I will delete posts, but try to keep it to an absolute minimum. Possibly some are put off posting, but I am not aware of any local blog, anywhere, that generates the volume of comment that BC does. So if there are some that are put off, it seems there are more who enjoy the cut and thrust and the entertainingly mild anarchy.

If someone has something important or heartfelt to say and is put of by the occasional dogging reference, then I doubt it was that important or heartfelt in the first place.

The reference to young people reading the site is interesting question - I think the reality is that there will be very few school-age people using this site in any circumstances. If they are old enough to take an interest in local debate, they are old enough to be exposed to the odd double-entendre, especially when you consider that they have ready access to unlimited hardcore pornography, or worse, the Daily Mail website, if they so wish to seek it out. I'd rather not have a moderation policy that caters for the most delicate sensibilities in the area.

I should say that occasionally the BDS makes me laugh and when he posts on serious matters, he does so with fierce intelligence. He is a prince among doggers.

As for the earlier point about the BDS having nothing to do with the area, it is pretty well known that there is at least one major dogging spot in Brockley and thus the BDS represents part of the 'vibrant mix' that many of us love.

Thank you for your feedback though, I do genuinely appreciate the fact that people think about these things and want to find ways to improve things. Even if I disagree with specific suggestions, I do take in to account the weight of opinion.

disagree said...


other blogs about common interest have many posts - (not comparing to other blogs about areas as I don't follow any of those) and contributors are seriously encouraged to stay on topic.

I often refer people to local events and some of these are for children/teenagers - and no I wouldn't be encouraging them to read more salubrious internet links.

Fair enough if we have people living here who have health and addiction problems or are returning home after a stay at her majesties pleasure - but to ship in groups in increasing numbers will just make the area feel like an open prison for all the residents. Targeting the area for a large re-housing gov/ housing association strategy without any consultation? Reminicent of the old days before the Weatherspoon took over and renamed the Barge.

HappyBrockers said...

Well said Nick.

I love Brockley for its sense of community, great local shops, good transport connections, nice walks, and the fact it's still not known by many.

I'm not aware of the figures with regards to supported housing and Brockley, but I think people would be surprised about the amount of supported housing across London, and the UK.

I have worked in supported housing for over six years in different boroughs, and have dealt with rehousing people from a range of supported housing units. They are often unassuming premises, and people may be surprised about how common place it is.

I have worked supporting the people living in these units, and have not once had to deal with supporting them in relation to an attack on anyone, or burglary.

The issues they are dealing with such as substance misuse, or mental health means they are often quite isolated within the community. There have been cases of shoplifting, and I am not blind to the fact that they may have committed crimes, but have not been caught for these offences. But with appropriate support, which would be offered within supported housing, tenants would more often than not stay on the straight and narrow.

Yes, it can be unpleasant to walk past groups of drinkers, or beggars on the street. But these people have issues, and are likely to be receiving support for these issues.

People only spend on average two years in supported housing, before being rehoused; if they do not 'behave' they will not be suitable for move on, to more independent accommodation.
I would think that due to extra support from housing associations/ councils that people would be keener to have supported housing in the area than independent flats housing vulnerable people. There are no statistics on where ex-offenders, substance misusers, or people with mental health issues are housed independently. But you would be surprised about how many people you walk past and sit next to every day have 'issues', they don't wear a label.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's worries about teenage boys accessing grot on the net has never been one themself. The only problem they have with porn is getting enough of it. Let them enjoy.

disagree said...

But you would be surprised about how many people you walk past and sit next to every day have 'issues',

I don't think I would be surprised.

Anyone who's worries about teenage boys accessing grot on the net has never been one themself.

This is correct - I have never been a teenage boy myself - but there is also plenty of research of the longerterm damage caused by the online access to porn.

Prefer it when BC is pitched as a more professional blog - rather than towards the lowest common denominator.

I genuinely want Brockley to be the best that it can as a London suburb to live, work, learn, travel and play etc and appreciate BC and the forum as some of the newly available tools in this - many people also make their living here either professionally, or with small businesses and what is written online can have a big impact.

Anonymous said...

Supported housing for people with serious problems is all very well when it works.

But it goes wrong, places are badly or inadequately managed and become the base for elements who harm and exploit the community.

The bail hostel guys who emerge at night, beg or con cigs, proclaim themselves homeless and in need, they work their way down Brockley Rd begging aggressively. Sometimes they try to steal bags, or the staff tip jar at a bar.

One guy used to go around cafes with his young son claiming to be collecting sponsorships for a charity event. After the local cafe owners asked them to leave, they would head into town, where the pickings are easier.

There are worse cases. Arson, street robbery. Brockley suffers flare ups of street crime from time to time. Often it is down to one or two individuals on a spree.

Now I fully appreciate the principles behind care in the community and can see no problem with well managed supported accommodation. But from time to time it goes wrong and the rest of the community have to suffer from the predations of individuals who do great harm. Sometimes it makes an entire area a no go zone. People start to feel unsafe on the streets. The anti-social incidents visible on the streets are often the tip of an iceberg.

This can happen in the vicinity of sheltered housing. It has certainly been the case with such accommodation on Upper Brockley Rd in the past. Look at the council minutes and the appeals by residents for the authorities to do something about it.

Often little is done or the steps taken are ineffective or poorly implemented.

It is wrong when a local community has to suffer because public authorities allow supported housing to become the base for groups of individuals who are involved in criminality.

It is also wrong when pubs go the same way. Perhaps some of you remember what it was like around Brockley station when the erstwhile Breakspears Arms (now the Brockley Barge) was a drug dealing HQ and commuters had to run the gauntlet as they came out of the station.

That situation persisted for years. It got so bad Brockley station had security guards after it was subject to armed robberies on three occasions. Brockley was not a pleasant place to live.

What gets me is how people who have concerns for their local area are often ignored as if they are the problem.

There is a long history of that in Lewisham: areas consigned to be social dustbins. Where people active in improving their community are regarded as a nuisance because they hold the authorities to account.

Local public services should never lose sight of who they are working for and should actively engage local community groups rather than concentrate on their own corporate concerns.

The failure to deal with an escalating situation on Upper Brockley Rd culminating in shooting incident is not the finest hour of either the Lewisham council or Lewisham police.

It makes me wonder how many other parts of the borough suffer in the same way.

NAT said...

The probelems on UBR are not caused by the existence of a hostel or hostels.

Supercuts, I'm told have three weeks to lodge an appeal, then until the appeal is heard, during which they can sell alcohol.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 16 July 2011 18:18

Decent grub is no-nonsense, proper food that hard working families eat.

Who says that hard working families don't see deli food as decent grub?

Anonymous said...

"Who says that hard working families don't see deli food as decent grub?"

So you suggest it's not decent then? Who mentioned delis?

Danja said...

You misread anonymous, anonymous. Anonymous was quoting anonymous, so you are wrongly attributing anonymous's views to anonymous. Anonymous was in fact refuting anonymous.

Brockley's Best said...

Top of the Brocks....:

1. hilly fields
2. great public transport/zone 2
3. beautiful residential architecture
4. some great bars and eateries emerging
5. some great voluntary groups - love the gardening work around the station...LOVE it!!

And finally can I just say long live the BDS and their oft-witty comments that brighten my day :)

making up a name so I won't be anonymous said...

best thing about living in Brockley is that you can be anonymous

spungle said...

Yeah, unlike other parts of London where your name, date of birth, bank account and sort code are engraved on your front door. It really irks me.

fabhat said...

favourite thinga:

1) Hilly Fields and the revitalised playground - an almost daily delight for me and the kid, and much admired by visitors.
2) Brockley Common - a truly transformed space - done with love by local activists.
3) Brockley's Community Spirit - a sense of getting to know neighbours and shopkeepers and saying hello to people being the norm, not a strange thing.
4) Brockley's own freecycling system - if it's on a wall or outside the gate it's free to take. I've gained and got rid of lots of things through this method.
5) Zone 2, yet big houses, long gardens and wide streets making it feel green and pleasant, but only 10 minutes from urbanity.

fabhat said...

sorry - should be things...

Anonymous said...

"4) Brockley's own freecycling system - if it's on a wall or outside the gate it's free to take. I've gained and got rid of lots of things through this method."

Agreed! I've had a fully functional bike, dog and pushchair via this method!

Whoops! said...

Hmmm yes, although it can backfire sometimes! My husband recently put his bike outside while he cleared up our front garden; got distracted briefly by the arrival of some guests; and lo and behold, 15 min later the bike was gone. He couldn't really complain as we have used that method before to get rid of stuff, but it was a bit galling all the same.

Anonymous said...

What about the Brockley Jack Theatre and Film Club

Anonymous said...


Top Chef Cafe
Fishy Business
Dominics Pizza
ESSO garage


The hippy shops :(

jerry said...

Oh anon, how contrary of you!

I reckon mummy will give you an extra digestive to dunk in your tea for that clever bit of thinking.

BrockleyCross said...

I also love the BDS. If that makes me juvenile then I can live with it. I often muse whether BDS is, in fact, Nick's secret alter-ego!

Brockley Nick said...

Jesus, between this site, South East Central and, you know, life, I definitely don't have time for alter-egos :)

yes i do go to church said...

was that blasphemy a prayer or a confession?

Brockley Nick said...

Since I don't believe in god, I can blaspheme to my heart's content.

Tamsin said...

@ anon 15.51 - Did the pushchair have anyone in it?

Does help if such offerings have a note on them "Please take me" or the like. Promotes a feel good factor that can prompt you to leave a bottle of wine in its place if it is a good bit of kit.

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