Goldsmiths' planned art gallery

We're indebted to Transpontine, whose fantastic account of the history of Laurie Grove Baths in New Cross also mentions its possible future use as a gallery for Goldsmiths exhibitions.

The baths, located just off Lewisham Way in the centre of New Cross, were built at the turn of the last century and the pool was in use until 1991, before being converted into an art school for Goldsmiths in 1994.

Now, Goldsmiths plans to convert the old water tower in to a gallery space to display students' work and host events. The designs, which have secured planning permission, look pretty cool: a dramatic weathered steel entrance leads up to a display space in the old water tanks:

The gallery itself will be contained within the existing metal water tanks – a secondary structure will be built within the tanks to provide suitable fixings for hanging artworks and to support to a new roof, without penetrating or damaging the listed fabric.

To prevent intruding on the existing tanks, ventilation and heating services for the gallery will be external above the ‘inner roofs’ feeding through the new roof and into the gallery. The air-handling plant will be located on the roof of the new entrance, minimising duct runs.

The existing profiled metal roof will be removed and replaced with a new dark grey, profiled metal, ‘sawtooth’ construction. The new roof will control light conditions within the gallery and will be slightly higher than the current pitched roof to allow sufficient depth for the north lights. The new gallery will wrap around the existing chimney which will remain the principal
feature of the western frontage of the building.

Goldsmiths is currently trying to secure funding for the project.