Brockley Bikes - the new name for Brockley bikes

The Cycle Team is dead. Long live Brockley Bikes! The Endwell Road bike maintenance company is rebranding to reflect the fact that more and more of their work is local. More importantly, they have announced that they will now be opening on Sundays.

In a note to customers, they say:
We are now open on Sunday afternoons from 12pm until 4pm. This is a trial and we may adjust the times to suit your needs as time passes. We will run this in conjunction with our Summer Opening times and if we have a good response we will continue through the winter.
Our current opening times can be found at:
You will probably note that we have also changed our name to BROCKLEY BIKES. We have done this because of the overall change in our business spread over the last 5 years and to reflect the fact that we are now more of a business serving our local area and community.