Jude Court report

It seems that Jude Court, the new Mantle Road apartment block, will be occupied by BC readers. Over the last few months of construction delays, plenty of BC twitterers have been wondering when their new home will be ready. Now, 'Jude Court Resident To Be' has written to say she can confirm a couple of key details about the project:

I visited what will be my flat in Jude Court today for the final inspection, and was informed then that NISA is taking the whole lower ground floor. I asked why NISA, seeing as there's one about 100 meters down the road, and nobody seemed to know. Apparently it's different people running the shop, and that the shop windows will be sorted out next week.

It's obviously a duff choice, seeing as the flat doesn't come with parking, I would have been delighted to be in a position to sell my car and still be able to get a varied and good quality supply of fruit and veg on my doorstep, but there we go [Editor's note: The Broca Food Market does a good job in that respect].

I have been told that I should be able to move in at the start of August. They're taking handover by the end of this month, and a few tenants will be moving in then.

I was also told yesterday that a high number of the people buying flats at Jude Court are from Brockley, which they told me is not typical of most of their developments.

Perhaps these other residents felt the same as me; I love being in Brockley and wanted to do something before I was even further priced out of buying in this area on the open market.