A new work hub for Telegraph Hill?

Clare writes with what sounds like a fantastic idea that she wants some feedback on:

I'm working with Oak Hill nursery on Wallbutton Road to look at ways they can generate more income.

Our idea is to establish a 'work hub' for self employed people, providing flexible desk space and childcare facilities alongside providing some employment and business support, including meeting rooms and events space. Before going ahead with it the Nursery wants to gain an idea of local demand through circulating an online survey to local residents.

Oak Hill nursery is researching the possibility of developing a work hub to extend and expand the work of the existing children's centre on Wallbutton Road. In order to gauge local demand, please complete this one minute survey and pass the link on to anyone else who may be interested.


Anonymous said...

Is this similar to what is happening in the unit next to the Orchard?

A few desks and people on laptops seem to have invaded the space.

cold light of day said...

people with small children always have a rush of enthusiasm for ideas like this - it wears off as their children get older . . .

Pete said...

Why do you say that? I would have thought that once the children are school age it would be easier to work? Or is that the cause of the problems? You no longer require child care so can just work from home?

Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a demand for a work hub, I am currently looking for somewhere to work and there seems nowhere quiet to work in Brockley.

The 'divide up a space and rent it to artists' model is not appropriate.

Nor is the 'mum friendly creche next door' model that seems to be idea mooted here.

An office that is professionally run with proper heated/air-conditioned offices with a photo-copier, decent broadband, a printer. Some decent office furniture, lighting, kitchenette, meeting rooms and flexible terms.

Basically, the same sort of standard as you find in City offices but local, walking distance.

Whether it is feasible to bolt this on to an existing community space like Telegraph Hill or Crofton Park library, I have my doubts.

While I am sure it could have the potential to provide an attractive income stream, they require investment to make the premises office friendly and I have my doubts that the functions of an office and a centre for family oriented community activities sit comfortably when that close to each other.

I am guessing that it maybe suitable for creative types with young families who need a bit more space.

Robble said...

Brilliant idea. My wife and I run our own business from home. We're in the middle of trying to move to Brockley to start a family, if we can.

We currently work a couple of days a week at The Hub in Kings Cross. http://kingscross.the-hub.net/public/ I've been to this place which was pretty good too: http://www.centralworking.com/about-central/ And I think that makes since because we don't have kids.

But if there was somewhere that approximated one of those places with childcare in Brockley that'd be a really smart idea. I'd definitely use it (later down the line!).

light of the next day said...

"people with small children always have a rush of enthusiasm for ideas like this - it wears off as their children get older . . ."

possibly, but then different people have more children...the demand group is constantly replacing itself

Anonymous said...

I checket out the Central the other day. Very central, very stylish and lot of money has been invested. Full of professional types with MacBook Airs founding business empires. A lot of money was invested.

The 'office bolted-on to a nursery' model might work if it thought through. But it would be a good idea to find one that is already up and running and learn from their experience. Mumsnet?

The link to the survey just takes you to the homepage of the survey website, not the survey itself.

emily said...

There is the 10,000 crofton park fund. How about getting together and making an application for a work hub?

Emma said...

Any more on this? Very interested...

Anonymous said...

Very very interested. Freelance theatre practitioner come mother and finding it difficult to work from home at te moment as I've been used to. Would be fantastic to have a creche right next to the work, especially if there could be facilities for out of office hours. There Is a definite lack of this kind of thing and traditional childcare just isn't working for us. Keep us updated please!

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