Lovely station for ducks

The Brockley Cross Action Group took advantage of the rainy weather to demonstrate the problem of 'ponding' outside Brockley Station ticket office, caused by poor workmanship when the new steps were built.

It's been a problem since it was built, but contractors Conway have not been asked to remedy the matter.

A BXAG spokesperson said:

While everyone else had to tiptoe around the inconveniently located small lake the family of 3 ducks were observed clearly relishing the opportunity for a spot of dabbling!

The water feature has been growing in size in recent months, an unfortunate and unintentional result of works carried out by Lewisham Council two years ago. It was perhaps only a matter of time before pond life began to take full advantage of this new habitat.

We have been developing Brockley Common as as haven for both people & wildlife and with the woodland area we have provided a refuge for many garden birds. But we never expected to see ducks on the Common!

We realise every Common should have a pond, but this one is poorly located and we think it is high time Lewisham Council sorted the problem out! They should stop ducking the issue!


Anonymous said...

Just walk through it you namby pamby lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't Lewisham council have someone who inspects the quality of the work done by building contractors and makes sure it up to a recognised standard - a Clerk of Works?

Were they having an off day when the work on Brockley station was being done? It seems to have a number of faults.

Chappers said...

Heh heh, bath toys in a puddle and stuff? Thaats ridiculous!

Anyway, nice one, Brockley.

shoddy record said...

Please sort it out Lewisham Council/Conways.

Ed said...

Hi, I hope to be moving to Brockley soon and will therefore be on hand should you need any help producing future puns re ducks, train stations etc. For example, you could make a joke/pun about Brockley conflating it with Broccoli. Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Another steaming corpuscule of talent eager to further inseminate the fertile creative stew for which Brockley is famous.

poncey said...

@Ed what has attracted to Brockley? You do realise there is no Waitrose here.

Ed said...

@poncey - I didn't know there was an explicit relationship between Waitrose and an insatiable appetite for weak and tiresome puns. But now I know I will ensure I eat some overpriced cheese-stuffed peppers before I engage in any future wordplay.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a Waitrose when we have a new NISA. Our daily provision of Alcohol is certainly cheaper at Nisa.

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