Lewisham Council, je t'aime

The Architect: I created the Matrix. And several popular video games, including Q-Bert. And Dig-Dug. I didn't create Frogger, but I did I come up with the name for it. Can you believe they wanted to call it 'Highway Crossing Frog'?
Dude: That is so lame!
The Architect: I know, it's the lamest thing I've ever heard. 'Highway Crossing Frog'!

Reader Steve reckons it's time to celebrate our Council's tech-savviness and all the other ways in which Mayor Bullock's dictatorship is benign.

BBC News ran a feature applauding the Council's Love Lewisham phone app this morning, prompting Steve to write to us suggesting a discussion of what Lewisham Council does well. Seeing as they used their website to extol the virtues of Brockley, we think it's a nice idea to use this website for Brockley residents to reciprocate:

I was watching BBC breakfast this morning and they had a feature on graffiti and fly-tipping. The council have developed an app where people can take photos of graffiti/fly-tipping, email them to the council and they'll respond.

In 2002, it took two and a half days to clean up reported graffiti, now it takes on average half a day. And graffiti is down by 73 per cent.

I don't work for the council nor do I have any vested interest in them. I'm not particularly enamoured with them either but credit where credit's due.

You could focus on council achievements. And request that people only post good things and refrain from snidey comments. Leave that for the other forums, some of which are valid.

So Lewisham does clean-up operations well. We'd also offer that the press office is very helpful and the Ward Assemblies are well done. We hear mixed reviews about how helpful it is towards people who want to organise local community events, but on balance, it seems to have a pretty good record.

What else?