Knock Down Singe-r

Brockley Rog writes:

Early on Tuesday morning (31st December) a kind passer-by woke me up to let me know that my garden was on fire.

The previous night we had held a party and despite ensuring that our garden clay pizza oven was no longer lit it suffered a catastrophic failure. While we slept it smouldered and then caught light. By 6am there were three meter flames engulfing our garden.

If it weren't for the passer-by the fire would have spread to our house and, but for the grace of god, we may not be here. We rang the fire brigade and the wonderful men and women of New Cross and Deptford Fire Stations arrived quickly and put the fire out.

In the confusion I didn't have the opportunity to thank the person who alerted us. If he is reading this (or someone knows him) I would like to thank him very much. His vigilance (and tenacity in ringing the bell and knocking on the door) meant that we are here.