16 Coulgate Street work underway

It appears that work on the Coulgate Street block, approved in 2012 is now under way.

The site, next to Brockley Station and the rail line, was formerly the home of Speedicars taxi service (now Keen) and has been used in recent months for storage and access by engineers working on the Brockley Station platform expansion works, but a construction team is now working on the plot itself.

The approved plans are for:

The construction of a part single/part four/part five storey building at 16 Coulgate Street SE4, incorporating balconies and roof terrace, comprising a mini cab office/retail/commercial unit (Use Classes A1/A2), 4 one bedroom, 3 two bedroom and 2 three bedroom, self-contained flats, together with the provision of a bicycle store.


brockley man said...

That bit of land is smaller than my back and front garden combined. And they want to build 9 shoe-box size apartment's on it!
Feel sorry for the tenants who will be living in then.

brockleyite said...

@brockleyman If you pity the tenants so much then perhaps share some of your massive gardens then....

brockley man said...

If I could sell off some of my land I would. But thinking about it. Why would I want to. I enjoy my big garden on my own.

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