The Honor Oak reopens [UPDATED]

True to their word, the team at the new-look Honor Oak pub have pulled-off an August reopening, with a launch party tonight. If you've been in, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Brockley Jon writes:

I was in on Friday night. The pub has had a complete makeover. They've made more dining space downstairs, which works really well, and there is the Whisky room upstairs that could be a great spot for a large birthday party. The front garden now works so much better as they've properly enclosed it, and it seems much bigger. The staff were coping admirably as it was very busy and they're clearly still learning the ropes. A few of the ales had run out but there was Brockley on tap while it lasted!

 I'd like to see the pub get more of its own identity over time - it's full of Victoriana and faux-industrial fittings, but it needs to find its own look. I'm sure this will develop over time once it's more lived in. It's a mightily impressive reincarnation overall, and an asset to that end of town. Well done to all involved.