The St George's Players

The St George's Players are an amateur dramatic society based in Forest Hill. They will be staging a series of play reading nights in local venues, beginning at the recently-reopened Honor Oak pub. Felicity explains:

I am organising some play readings. We'll all get together in a local venue and read through a play. Our first in a series of readings will be Monday 15 September at the newly opened Honor Oak Pub.

For those who haven't done readings before there's no need to prep we just read out the parts (putting as much acting into it as you like - points for trying out accents on the hoof!) and have some fun with it.

This should give us the chance to test out some material that we could use in the future or perhaps read through something that we like but isn't players appropriate (ie too many parts, too elaborate scenery or even too edgy to put on in a church!). The first play is going to be Moira Buffini's Dinner.

We're really keen for new members to join up, so please do come along, and encourage others by forwarding this post or following us on Facebook or Twitter.

We've got a private room at the Honor Oak Pub and we'll start at 7:30 for 8pm. It can take anything from an hour to two to get through a play (probably depending on how many times we go to the bar).

Please get in touch if you'd like to come along.