CPZ creep planned for Ladywell and Lewisham

As dawn broke, the Worm uncoiled its snaky twine from around the hill, and came to its rock in the river... it lashed the waters in its fury and wound its coils round the Childe, and then attempted to crush him to death. But the more it pressed, the deeper dug the spear-heads into its sides. Still it pressed and pressed, till all the water around was crimsoned with its blood.
- The Lambton Worm

The Ladywell Society has unearthed the NOC List and knows which local roads will be subject to a consultation about the extension of the Ladywell CPZ, which has caused plenty of problems since it was first introduced.

The idea is to expand the CPZ, to relieve the pressure points that the original zone created in the first place. We don't know why they swallowed the fly... something about someone being unable to park outside their house and struggling with shopping bags kicked this whole saga off.

Here's the list of roads that could find themselves with a CPZ - it will create a single zone between Lewisham and Ladywell:

  • Arthurdon 
  • France Mary 
  • Phoebeth 
  • Ladywell 
  • Eastern 
  • Algiers 
  • Veda 
  • Vicars Hill 
  • Cliffview 
  • Fossil 
  • Ermine 
  • Brookbank 
  • Overcliff 
  • Shell
Local resident Dougie, who forwarded the list, writes:

"When I was consulted on the local CPZ in my area I was against it as I knew it would just push the problem further up the road which is now happening. The sad thing is is that Lewisham council will not consider a cheaper option for any resident such as a 2 hour restricted parking to stop commuters because it is not cost effective. The consultation is coming in September 2014. Where will the expansion end?!"