Window 135

Window135 is an art installation that sits on a most unprepossessing stretch of New Cross Road (Number 135, just down the road from The Five Bells). Each week for the last decade, the window has been updated with a new work.

Behind the window lies an artistic Batcave, home to two artists, who explain their motivation here:

"It started tentatively as a method of putting ‘distance’ between the New Cross Rd and the family living room. Formerly a shop our house was one of the two greengrocers made redundant when Sainsbury’s opened a vast supermarket nearby in the 1990’s.

"In 1996 the shop had no shopfront, the grocers had served market style with a mahogany table pulled out onto the pavement. The new ‘shopfront’ was designed to meet local conservation area rules, to look like a shop although its derelict interior meant it could no longer function as one; it reverted to “residential purposes only”.

"The New Cross Road is the arterial route from London to Kent. The volume of passing traffic is disruptive to live with but presents a continuous and diverse audience. The council agreed to “de minimus”; a shallow space to a maximum depth of 1 metre and ‘by appointment only’."

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