A home in Brockley - £524 per square foot

Rightmove has produced a property calculator, which gives you a guide to what you should be paying per square foot in each postcode. It shows that despite higher than average recent price rises, Brockley (SE4) is still among the more affordable (least unaffordable) locations in inner London, with homes costing a mere £524 per square foot on average.

The calculations are based on the internal floor area from floorplans for over 18,000 properties for sale in London. From the properties for sale in each postcode they calculated the median asking price per square foot of internal floor area.

Click here and knock yourself out.


good said...

Cheap is good - it will bring more interesting people to the area and therefore more interesting shops and bars / restaurants.

Tristam said...

The British obsession with house prices continues unabated.

Propdevel said...

lets home that prices go sky high in Lewisham when the regeneration happens. About time!

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