The spoils of war

Tony has sent us these pictures, which show the takeover of Ladywell by rival virtual mobile networks Lebara and Lycamobile. He says:

"These mobile operators seem to be taking over Ladywell's High Street. I suppose its a bit of cash for local retailers. But these garish blue signs are not great for a conservation area... are they?"

They are certainly unlovely brands, but convenience stores have always done this sort of thing, from sporting rival newspaper mastheads to Coke vs Pepsi - and aesthetics have never been a strong point for mini-markets. It does also underline the fact that chains retailers are not the only homogenising force on our high streets - independents are often just as formulaic.
In times of total war, there can be no neutral parties - we must all decide - are we Lebara or Lyca? Choose wisely!