Aladdin - December 5th-7th

The cast rehearses
Sanjit writes:

The last four years have seen some great community generated fundraisers.   Of these few have been as consistently entertaining as the Telegraph Hill Panto. This year's Panto, Aladdin, will be the fifth such entertainment.  

Will Aladdin feature risqué double entendre?   Check.   Will Aladdin feature a man in drag?   Check.  Will Aladdin feature a principal boy?   Check, in the form of Aladdin's brother Wisheewashee.   Will there be a petulant Princess who succumbs to the charms of the hero? Check. Oh, and will there be flashes, pops, flatulent noises off and laughs aplenty? Check, check, check and check.

Aladdin is a production that will have something suitable for all the family. With a third of tickets already sold, now is the time to make sure you get yours -