TfL unveils plans for a better (but not much) Deptford Broadway

Deptford Dame has found TfL's plans to remodel the disastrous Deptford Broadway road junction, which is scary to navigate on foot, on a bike or in a car. TfL's main objective is to make it safer for pedestrians, but as DD says, the plans are basically putting lipstick on a pig and the provision for cyclists is particularly disappointing.

Pretty much anything would be better than what we have at the moment, but these changes won't stop this junction being a serious impediment to Deptford's development. As the Dame asks:

"Why does a junction connecting the vaguely dual-lane Blackheath Road to the definitely single-lane New Cross Road need so many traffic lanes? It balloons up into an enormous swollen racetrack - not just left and right turning lanes, but two lanes for the traffic going straight ahead, which then has to squeeze into a single lane within yards of the other side of the junction."

Click here for the consultation site.