Filipino Pop Up - November 22nd

To the growing list of local pop-up cuisines can now be added Filipino food. The Adobros team are hosting a Filipino night at New Cross cafe No 178. They say:

If you've ever wondered what Filipino food is - or if you already know the answer - then this is the moment you've been waiting for: on Saturday 22nd November, New Cross' very own Filipino Supper Club, The Adobros, is bringing a taste of the Philippines to your taste buds and your bellies, courtesy of the good folk at No178.

Combining Southeast Asian, Chinese and Hispanic elements into a compellingly unique whole, Filipino cuisine is fascinating and, above all, delicious! And, in case you were feeling just a bit more curious about it after all that, do check out our little explanation of what Filipino food is all about.

Click here for tickets and the menu.