Longer East London Line trains are here!

TfL's just-in-time delivery means that extra capacity on the East London Line should just about offset the extra space taken up by passengers' winter coats this Christmas. 

Monkeyboy sent us this release and these photos from the launch of the longer trains yesterday, which confirmed that five-carriage service will start next week. TfL says:

A special preview of the London Overground extended five-car train took place yesterday, with the first train now being held at New Cross Gate depot. 

Head of Programme Delivery, Hugh Lawson said. ‘It feels like such a great achievement to see the first longer train running on London Overground. Following the success of the completion of Silwood sidings, this was the next big milestone for the London Overground Capacity Improvement Programme. 

With London Overground becoming one of the UK’s most reliable services, with passenger numbers growing rapidly, TfL has had to extend London Overground trains from four to five carriages. Where necessary platforms across the network have been lengthened, existing depots upgraded, new stabling facilities built and alterations made to the signalling system to accommodate the longer trains. 

The first longer trains will be introduced on the Highbury & Islington to West Croydon/Clapham Junction line from November 2014, followed by the Richmond to Stratford line by the end of 2015. The train will come into passenger service from next week.