Do you even lift, Bro(ckley)?

Brockley Station is all access, all the time! The lift is now open for business. This is much sooner than the guidance London Overground recently provided, possibly because they were shamed into action. 

Thanks to Brockley Nicola for the photo.


At Last! said...

Ahhh! Brockley Station is going up in the world.

I may well try it out a few times to celebrate.

There was a rumour that the roadworks on Coulgate St the other week were in order to lay a new power cable for the lift.

I am looking forward to next year and the much anticipated Coulgate makeover.

Joe Strummer said...

Elevator goin' up!

Steven Tyler said...

Second floor: Hardware, childrens' wear, ladies lingerie...

Brockley Central Label Cloud