Greater Brockley gym options

Whenever any new development - large or small - is proposed, some BC reader will call for it to include a gym: Police Station closing? Make it a gym. Pub being turned into flats? We need a gym! Someone trying to think of an alternative use for an old red phone box? How about a micro-gym?

There's no doubt that Brockley is missing a gym, but if you're in the northern end of town, you're pretty well served, with good gyms in New Cross, Deptford, Greenwich and Lewisham all a short run or ride away. The options include:

Clubpulse, New Cross

Located on the Goldsmiths campus, the gym is open to members of the public and very good value.

Glass Mill, Lewisham

One floor above the pool and recently refurbished (despite being only a year old) the gym is well-equipped, rarely too busy and gets plenty of natural light. Fitness studio next door.

Wavelengths, Deptford

Operated by the same group as Glass Mill, this is another recently-re-equipped gym inside the leisure centre.

Meridian Fitness, Creekside
Meridian Fitness, Deptford

The newest and most upmarket venue, it's just opened in the Creekside development and emphasises its wide range of classes. Membership required.

PureGym, Greenwich

Another new gym, this one on Greenwich High Road emphasises its low-cost monthly membership fee.

Beefs and Babes, Greenwich

Comedy name, brutal decor and easily mistaken for a Hooters, this place is aimed at hardcore bodybuilders.

The southern end of Brockley is more of a challenge, so please post your recommendations below and we'll add to the list. Likewise, please share your reviews and recommendations for any and all local options.


Anon said...

Did Lilac/Alder House on Breakspears Road ever get their "community gym" ?

It was funded by the Brockley Assembly.

John Huntingdon said...

Ladywell track and gym is a quiet sanctuary for many. Friendly atmosphere and a great mix of proper athletes and mere mortals. One of my very favourite places

anonymous said...

Best place by far in the area to get fit is The Yard Peckham. It's a crossfit gym which was started by two local brockley lads almost a year. Great friendly atmosphere and group based workouts which makes it fun and competitive. Can't recommend it enough.

anonymous said...

THNick said...

There's also the Commando temple under arches in deptford: (having walked past, it's another for serious lifters) and double-jab boxing gym in New X:

Southside: how about soho gym in lewisham:

Clo said...

Been going to gyms for a number of years all over London but started miracle fitness bootcamp in Hilly fields and now there is no looking back.

Really diverse workouts 3 times a week with a group of nice people.

If anyone fancy joining look here

anon said...

The fantastic Charlton Lido has a gym attached - I know it's a 15 min drive but it's worth it for the 50m heated outdoor pool.

Aleksandra Dzikowska said...
Small group bootcamp and kettlebell classes near SE14, SE4

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