11-storey tower proposed for Loampit Vale

Plans have been submitted for the:

"Demolition of existing shop, workshop and 5 no. bedsits at 87-89 Loampit Vale, SE13 and the construction of a part 4, part 11 storey building comprising 49 self-contained dwellings (20 x 1 bedroom, 18 x 2 bedroom and 11 x 3 bedroom); together with four car parking spaces, landscaping and amenity space."

This scheme, by housing association Family Mosaic, is significant in size and would drag the growing Lewisham cluster of tall buildings west, up Loampit Vale, past the railway bridge, which until now has represented a natural firebreak - or as the application would have it: a barrier to growth.

The building would replace a shop front, which is overshadowed by the bridge and an alleyway, which are squished between the bridge and the Tesco garage - making it an unpromising spot for retail. The high rise element would create a tapering effect from the main cluster on the other side of the bridge and make living in such an unpromising spot more palatable.

On balance then, probably good news. But this building is big enough to merit some hefty S106 contributions towards the local community.

Thanks to Joe for the tip off.