Seriously bro, do you even lift?

The Brockley lovelock is already starting to have its malign effect. Only a few weeks after the long-awaited and over-engineered lift at Brockley Station opened, it is now closed until further notice due to a fault.

With thanks to Monkeyboy for the heads-up.


Headhunter said...

British engineering at its best

Andy Scorgie said...

Wow earth shattering developments at Brockley Station to add to the absence of announcements on Platform 1 the lift has packed up and this morning I see we have our very own beggar outside the door of the ticket office! We are really going places what next I wonder perhaps our very own scruffy unhelpful overweight PCSO?

barryls said...

Right said Fred. Let's ave a tea break. Scratches head etc etc.

going up said...

I am so glad I had a ride in the lift when it finally opened. It was very good, the doors opened on both floors and there were no unpleasant odours. I am sure people with heavy bags or mobility problems really found Brockley more accessible because of it.

Given it took a year to build the thing in the first place,I have little confidence that the maintenance contract is up to much.

Each time I go past it, I am reminded how much I pay for transport and how poor a service I get in return.

Anyone know where to send complaints?

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