Central Line interchange for ELL could come as part of new Shoreditch terminus

Shoreditch's continued growth as a major employment cluster and the arrival of Crossrail in 2018 could provide the motivation and means for the transport authorities to create a new interchange between the East London Line and the Central Line.

Citymetric reports that Network Rail has proposed a major new rail terminus at Shoreditch - the first new London terminus since 1899 - to enable more people to access the area and take some of the strain off Liverpool Street, which is bursting at the seams.

The new terminus would serve developments like Bishopsgate Goods Yard
With major Shoreditch schemes like the redevelopment of Bishopsgate Goods Yard (pictured) at an advanced stage, new transport capacity is required.

As Citymetric point out, a new terminal served only by the East London Line won't work, so they will need to create an interchange with the Central Line, which many people argued should have been included in the original scheme, but the lack of capacity on the Central Line was a major factor that counted against the idea. Crossrail, however, should address that problem, alleviating the overcrowding.

The ELL is already getting a Crossrail interchange at Whitechapel in 2018. A Central Line interchange in the 2020s would be another useful new connection. But a Terminus at Shoreditch would pose even more questions about the long-term future of the ELL, which is already struggling to meet the demand of South East Londoners for good connections.

More capacity on the ELL and an accelerated Bakerloo Line extension might be needed, to unlock the potential of the City's eastern fringes.