Take care of Pepper

Sarah writes:

My family and I are moving to Oz in January for 2 years. We are looking for a cat-loving home to take on our lovely cat Pepper.

I've so far had no success with friends and family so I'm having to put her out onto the open market. I thought I'd start with the Brockley Blog as your readers are sure to be kind and cat loving!

She is aged 6, great at catching mice and keeping herself clean.

Please contact Sarah on 07713 400 958 if you're interested in looking after Pepper.


Hazel Johnstone said...

You should also try Celia Hammond - http://www.celiahammond.org/ - or put a note up at John Hankinson vets in Shardeloes Road..

Aricana said...

Or maybe the East Dulwich Forum.

Olaf_Hansen said...

Pepper looks very familiar somehow! She's got a double that lives somewhere on Waller Road/Arbuthnot Road, and spends the day on top of our shed.

scubbard said...

Just to say that Pepper has been re-homed for our trip successfully and is settling into her new Brockley pad in time for Christmas. Thankyou Brockley Central!

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