Sorting office hours should be for life, not just for Christmas

Melvyn wants to round up a posse of local residents to lobby for longer hours at Brockley Sorting Office. He writes:

I was so used to having to wait until Saturday to pick up packages that wouldn’t fit through the letterbox, that I almost missed the revised Xmas hours when the last advice card was left - they now open from 6.30 through to 17.30 Monday to Friday.

I at first thought this a welcome change to the ridiculously short window of time we normally have to collect parcels, but I was told it’s for the Xmas period only.

When I asked where to write to request the current service be extended all year around I was told that Royal Mail Customer Service was the probably only avenue.  Shame.  There must be some way to collectively put some pressure on Royal Mail to extend the old hours to something more practical? 

If you want to join Melvyn's movement for change, let him know in the comments below.


Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Is this office destined to close shortly?

Monkeyboy said...

much as i hate to undermine the Queens postal service ive been using some of the various pickup/drop off places that amaon and ebay use. one of the local open all hours stores does that, very useful option.

Dave said...

It's a pity Amazon don't use the option of paying their fair share of tax !

Headhunter said...

I'm sure all these big corporates like Amazon pay what they are required to, it's just that both EU and British law provides so many loopholes that they can easily get away with paying very little, completely legally. What are they suppose to do? Donate more than required to the British state? The government nor the EU is a charity, they both need to sort tax law our and iron out all the loopholes or allow this to happen in exchange for jobs and income tax/NI payments. You can't blame a private company for paying as little tax as its allowed by law. Do you, a private individual feel the need to donate more than you are legally required to the government so that they can reduce the deficit?

Dave said...

Tax avoidance /evasion , call it what you will by companies like Amazon , Starbucks and others is well documented , no amount of bull will excuse it !

brock lee said...

You call it Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion, because they are different things and no amount of bull will get rid of either. Tax evasion is simple, we go after people breaking the law and impose the appropriate sentences. If HMRC do not do this then they should be held to account. This does not tackle avoidance and the likes of Amazon who are not breaking any laws. For that you will need to re write the tax legislation and close the loopholes - probably cost more in the long run and questionable whether they will just find an alternative anyway.

Would you expect a self employed person who has been rather aggressive but not dishonest in claiming back every possible expense they can, to have an attack of guilt due to austerity measures and chuck an extra few quid in on top of their tax bill? no. If that same self employed person was making dishonest expense claims to reduce their tax bill, would you expect them to be caught and punished appropriately? i think so.

As much as it may not be popular, the companies are not the problem. if you want it dealt with it is HMRC, The Treasury and the Government that need to act. Even then we probably need a large proportion of the world's governments to act in the same way and then prevent their citizens from doing business with, or in the countries who will not impose the same laws. Total transparency across borders and make it a criminal offence to deal with or in countries that do not support it. so in short - very unlikely.

back to the PO - i imagine the answer to the original question is if you want to pay more for the service, they'll open it longer. If you want something for nothing then you are likely to get nothing.

Alex said...

Why not only open 06:30-10:30 and 17:00-20:00 Mondays to Fridays to catch commuter traffic, and then open a more normal 9-5 on a Saturday?

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