Did 2014 go to plan?

Jonathan Jo has a mouth like an "O" 
And a wheelbarrow full of surprises; 
If you ask for a bat, or for something like that, 
He has got it, whatever the size is.
- AA Milne

Before we make our predictions for 2015, here's a recap on what we foresaw this time last year:

1. Lewisham Way would buck its ideas up, led by a new-look Albertines pub and an expanded Meze Mangal. 

Well fire put paid to the Albertine's dream (although it's been repaired quickly) and for the most part, Lewisham Way remains stubbornly moribund. The race is on to see whether a new pub can establish itself before its new residents snuff that prospect out. However, we called it right when we said the Tyrwhitt Road corner shop would finally get a new tenant. So we're giving ourselves half a point.

2. Goldsmiths would start to transform New Cross (for the better)

As we said at the time, we had some insider knowledge on this one, but the prediction relied on things working out as hoped (which they often don't). A raft of refurbishments and announcements for new facilities means we can give ourselves a point without blushing.

3. Posh developers would move into the area, proposing all sorts of grand residential designs

Not really. Though we did see a few grands projets in the Telegraph Hill and Brockley Conservation Areas and a hell of a lot of other schemes, but they were mostly for small homes, not mansions. No points.

4. The area would join Primrose Hill as a retreat for celebrities, following Professor Green's lead

Did it hell. Still, we got Joss Whedon, Chris Evans (not that one) and Damon Albarn at the Rivoli and Shia Lebeouf having another punch up at the Hobgoblin. Richard Bacon was spotted at #ModelMarket. Does that earn a point? No.

5. We would finally get a new restaurant in Brockley

However strong the wind in our sails, never underestimate Brockley inertia. The LDN Beer Dispensary opened and served a mean burger. The Brockley Deli provided another place to sit and eat a croissant. Lewisham Arthouse turned itself into a pop-up dining venue. But none of these things counts as a proper place to sit down and have a full meal from a varied menu, 52 weeks a year. We came close, but all this adds up to merely half a point.

Two points out of a possible five. 2014 was a surprising year, but in all the wrong ways as far as our predictions were concerned. This is a disappointing result - BC will strive to do better with our 2015 predictions, coming up.


anonymouse said...

What do you call a shop that never opens? A pop-up furniture shop.

Matt-Z said...

It seems Nick's predictions are getting worse, on the Nostradamus scale he's somewhere between Mystic Meg and Doris Stokes. Do keep it up though. Thanks for all the effort that goes into this blog, and Happy New Year.

Tyrwhitt Tyrwhoo said...

Haha! I walked past it just earlier and it was closed with a sign on the door saying "if you're interested in any items call this number"

You can only see so much peering through the window! Although I appreciate people will be taking some time off on holiday at this time of year, it seems a pretty stupid idea to be closed today so soon after opening when it's not in fact a public holiday.

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