Orange Mirror - Sainsbury's Double Act

Following the news that Sainsbury's plans to open in the new development at 180 Brockley Road, the company has confirmed that it will operate stores on both the east and west side of the tracks. A representative of Sainsbury's, Alistair Gordon, has been in touch to say that:

I am happy to confirm that our proposals have been approved by Lewisham Council, and we hope that both stores will complement each other in serving the local community.

From reviewing the response to your recent blog articles I can see that there was some confusion amongst your readers as to whether the existing store on Mantle Road will remain open. I just wanted to clarify that it is our intention for both stores to work alongside each other and operate on both sides of Brockley station serving separate catchment areas.

This means that there will be no fewer than 4 very similar small supermarkets within a 100 yard radius of Brockley Station - two on either side.

Sainsbury's has also put its head above the parapet in the ongoing debate about the condition of Greater Brockley and decided that Brockley East and West are two different places and communities. Boldness in business.