Ladywell Storey

Once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pyjamas and lived life slow,
There lived a lil' boy who was misled, by anotha lil' boy and this is what he said:
"Me, Ya, Ty, we gonna make sum cash, robbin' old folks and makin' tha dash",
They did the job, money came with ease, but one couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease,
- Children's Story, Slick Rick

The developers of 59 Ladywell Road, the site of the former adhesives factory, have resubmitted their plans, proposing to add another story and onto the building. The construction is already at an advanced stage, so this is a pretty unorthodox move, but another storey makes it a more elegant proposition as it looms over the bridge.

Whatever the aesthetics, resident Caroline reckons the reason given for the new submission is a cheek. In the clunky design and access document it says:

"The council have historically been very concerned about the impact of an additional storey on site and it is accepted that the Inspector had only to deal with an application for four storeys.

"The new owners and current applicants have considered the effect of an extension to the building providing an additional floor only when they had completed the external structure and could visualise more clearly the impact that an extension may have and indeed could see the benefits of such an extension. The CGI’s that were produced show an additional storey provided benefits (providing a better navigational landmark) and did not appear to have the range of negative impacts originally foreseen by the council."

 The date for commenting on the application is 26th December. Click here to participate.