Coogan targets values voters in Brockley

Last night, Steve Coogan starred in a brilliantly effective party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party, asserting his values and asking those who shared them to vote Labour. During the day, he hit the campaign trail with his ally from the phone-hacking campaign, Tom Watson MP, passing through Brockley and addressing passers by on Coulgate Street.

In a safe seat like this, we get relatively little campaign action, so this was a rare moment. The call to vote based on values is a noble one, but we're not sure if values are quite the defining issue that this ad suggests. When you're talking about broad tent parties, pinning down a coherent and distinctive set of values is as tricky as defining "Britishness" and having the right goals and motives is one thing - having the right ideas to achieve them is another matter. Here's the ad, we'll do a round-up of all the Lewisham Deptford candidates tomorrow: