Happy Mondays this summer

From one bunch of jokers to another... Happy Mondays returns to the Amersham Arms for their Edinburgh preview season with another stellar list of headliners:

18th May - Mike Wozniak (Star of C4's 'Man Down')
1st June - Sara Pascoe
15th June - James Acaster
29th June - Bridget Christie
13th July - Ed Byrne
20th July - Reginald D Hunter
27th July - Marcus Brigstocke

More details and tickets at: www.happymondayscomedy.com. The nights are usually sell-outs, so we recommend you book early.


sotty said...

Lovely bit of support for a local event, Happy Mondays here. No negative extra comment. Clear outline of whats' on, link to where tickets can be obtained from. This is great.

Tyrwhitt Michael said...

Booked two events already and shared with my facebook page..... which should generate hugh interest................ or not

Brockley Nick said...

Seeing as you're determined to make an issue of this let me explain some of the key differences between this event and the Deptford Heritage Festival:

1. This is professionally run and offers a high-quality experience - the festival was amateurish to the point of incompetence and did not deliver on many of its promises

2. This has a clear purpose (make people laugh at a local pub) - the festival's publicity was incoherent and made all kinds of grandiose claims about being the next Edinburgh Festival.

3. The people who run this event are credible and transparent in what they are trying to do - the person behind the festival is... not. This is the latest in a long-line of local issues and passion points that he's tried to ride the coat tails of for personal and political aggrandisement.

4. The people behind this took the radical step of emailing me the details of the event they organised, for consideration on the blog. The person behind the festival did not.

5. On the odd occasion I do not publicise their latest season of events, they don't blame me for ruining their project - supporters of the festival like you have lumped me in with local Councillors and other enemies of the people as the reason for its dismal failure. It's an odd kind of international arts festival that lives or dies by the endorsement of Cllr Joe Dromey.

For these reasons and many more, I chose not to encourage BC readers to part with their hard earned cash for the privilege of a ticket - but nor did I in any way criticise the event or the organisers before or during the festival. It would be great if it had succeeded, but it was no surprise that it didn't.

shed said...

I've been to a few of these nights the last couple of seasons - all fantastic. The non-headliners of the night have often been the highlights. Always a challenge to get people to come out on a Monday though

ted said...

so what you're saying then is that you know nothing about the Festival but still chose it as an opportunity to sneer?

Brockley Nick said...

No, I don't know how you got that from anything written above.

Anon said...

Do you which celebs appeared that could not be named for fear of a stampede for tickets?

Anon said...

Do you know which celebs appeared that could not be named for fear of a stampede for tickets?

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