Residents seek to block Luxmore Gardens homes

Local residents have launched a campaign to stop developers building on land adjoining Luxmore Gardens, off Malpas Road. They object to the residential development on the basis that it will loom too large over the park and that construction work will prove disruptive.

An application has been lodged for:

"The construction of 3 three storey, three bedroom terrace houses on land to the rear of 10 Malpas Road fronting Luxmore Gardens, together with a single storey two-bedroom dwelling house to the rear of the site and associated landscaping."

Objector Noura says:

"Objections are being raised by the many in the local community to this proposal, citing a number of foreseeable health and safety issues concerned with the accessibility of the site to the street- the only access point after building was complete would be an extremely narrow corridor to the side of 10 Malpas Rd. raising questions as to the handling of refuse, post and most importantly possible access for services in case of an emergency.

"Additionally, there are concerns about the heights of the surrounding buildings, the appropriateness of the design for the area and the issue of sufficient drainage. Moreover, the approval of these plans would remove a green space that Blockley can't afford to lose. There are concerns also about the building's overlook aspect as well.

"Safety and convenience are a concern within the Gardens as well, as building materials will be stored in gardens themselves during construction, compromising access between Luxmore St and Rokeby Rd. and posing a potential safety risk to the young children and dogs that frequent the park as well as bringing up the issue of the prolonged use of public land to complete a private building project."