Parents' P2P plea - free up more primary places

On the back of the last article about Lewisham Council's search for more space to build homes, BC was reminded of Parents 4 Primary Places, a campaign by Lewisham parents who want more primary school places. They say:

An impassioned plea to all parents with children starting school September 2015.

Creating more local primary places requires long term investment and planning and there is no quick fix. There is however something that you can do to help parents like us currently stuck in the system.

Create movement in the waiting lists!

Did you know that if you have been offered a school lower down your list you are held in a waiting list for every school you have listed above? For a whole year!

For some of you the school you have been allocated may be the one you are happy with and have no intention of accepting a different allocation should it come up. Each unwanted place that is held whether in a school or in a waiting list stops the wheels from turning just that little bit more and could mean the difference between a place in a local school or 3 miles away for our children.

The more spaces freed on a waiting list moves our children a step nearer to our preferred school. And quickly. So we are making a very polite request to any parent/carer who is on a waiting list for a school they absolutely and completely know they do not want, to contact Lewisham Admissions on 020 8314 8282 and relinquish that place.

That may only be a handful of you, but it could make all the difference to our children. Thanks, from all of us.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.


Brockleygirl said...

Brockley Primary was a 2 form entry school with 2 classes of almost 40 in the 70's. My class of 1977 had 38 children in. As the population dwindled it was changed to a 1 form entry school. When they rebuilt the new Beecroft Gardens school and announced how great they were at making it into a 2 form entry school, they should not have been applauded at Lewisham but taken to task. This could easily have been made a 3 form entry school. It has sufficient space. It would also have been easy to put a third floor on the building. Lewisham knew of the shortages whilst building the school, but prefered to put porter cabins in other school playgrounds. What a disgrace. The additional costs would have been minimal.

Moi said...

You used to have to ask to be put on the waiting list. Why have they changed this to make it automatic? It just seems like extra work for the admissions team as they will waste their time offering places to people who have decided to go with the school they got.

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