The Brockley Max and Street Art opening weekend

Mira Off Licence, Brockley Road. Already looking better. Pic courtesy of Lionel Stanhope.
Brockley Max and the Brockley Street Art Festival 2015 have both begun, with the traditional opnening night Max gig outside the Barge now under-way and artworks already beginning to take shape across our shop fronts.

The Max will be fun, as ever, while the Street Art will leave a glorious, technicolour legacy. It's going to be great.

For the full Max programme, click here. For the Street Art site, click here.


Mark Racz said...

got denied by the Brockley Max website because they exceeded their bandwidth allocation. At this point, we're only one notch below Download Festival

Too Byfour said...

Does this mean something or is it personal?

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