General Election 2015 - the Lewisham Deptford candidates

On the eve of the general election, here is the list of candidates for the Lewisham Deptford constituency. Pro-tip: If you want to know what the corresponding candidates in neighbouring constituencies are all about, simply swap their names in to the list below.

This election, the unifying theme is housing. Proposed solutions differ, but everyone is promising the same thing - more affordable homes. Here are the ten to choose from - how will you be voting?

Bim Afolami, Conservative Party

Standing on local job creation (a red-herring when we are on the doorstep of Europe's best jobs market), enterprise and the prospect of a Bakerloo Line extension. Plus housing, natch.

Philip Badger, Democratic Reform Party

Badger wants better local democracy. See here for his campaign article.

Michael Bukola, Liberal Democrats

Full marks for a campaign platform that stands out from a samey crowd. While everyone else focuses on health and housing, Bukola has added reform of stop and search powers and drug laws to the mix and stands on his party's record in government (albeit mostly in terms of how they've held back the worst excesses of the Tories).

John Coughlin, Green Party

Brockley councillor and lone-opposition to Labour in Lewisham Council. Like the rest of his party, he's regrettably relegated environmental stuff to the lower reaches of his list of pledges and instead focuses on the living wage, rent controls and the nationalisation of utilities and the railways.

Massimo Dimambro, UK Independence Party

UKIP tanked in the local and European elections, so they're back with a candidate with a foreign-sounding name and a benign list of priorities that doesn't mention Europe or immigration once. He's even put the need for a cinema in Lewisham top of his wish list - what kind of monster could disagree with him?

Chris Flood, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

An experienced local politician, formerly with the Socialist Party, Chris is standing on anti-austerity platform and vehemently opposes local schools becoming Academies. Read about his priorities in this interview with Bob From Brockley.

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour Party

The red-hot favourite to be our next MP. To Vicky's credit, she's not taking it for granted (unlike her predecessor). Housing is what she's always been passionate about while health and childcare feature prominently in her stuff. Hopefully, as an elected MP, she'll venture more ideas and opinions than she has to date. For now, she plays a very straight bat.

David Neil Thomas Harvey, Independent

A single-issue candidate who wants a "none of the above" to appear on ballot papers.

Malcom Martin, Christian People's Alliance

CPA's list of pledges includes unspecific commitments to social justice and very specific commitments on social issues like abortion and marriage.

Helen Mercer, Lewisham People Before Profit

As ever, LPBP have picked a potent mix of issues to focus on (housing, the NHS and privatisation) and are able to field an experienced local campaigner.