Time Out wants you to speak your brains about Brockley

Like a GenY version of The Guardian's Let's Move To, Time Out is working its way around the London postcodes, compiling user-generated area guides. Now it's Brockley's turn. They write:

"We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in our comments section."

We had a slew of these sorts of requests a few years ago, when Brockley started to lose its "hidden gem" status and achieve up-and-comingness.

Back at the turn of the decade, the story was all about The Rivoli, Hilly Fields, The Broca, various jerk emporia, Jam Circus and this new place called The Orchard, which offered proof of life. Today, all of those things are still among the best things about Brockley, but new stars have joined the firmament.

So come on BCers - once more unto the breach. Tell Time Out what's what. There's nothing that becomes an area as a lack of modest stillness and humility.